We can complete any International order if you in the country which is eligible to make business with USA. Please find the list of restricted for business countries on the U.S Department of State website.

Make your choice and proceed with payment. You have 3 options for checkout:

    Credit / Debit Card
    Wire Transfer

    Please read carefully before proceeding

    • We check all orders for risks and if there are possible payments issues, we have the right to cancel the order.
    • Our prices do not include your country taxes, duties and fees. Those should be paid separately by you in your local customs control. This charge will be collected by your local tax authority or Delivery Company.

    Credit Card Payment Options

    We accept Visa, AMEX (American Express), Discover and MasterCard. If you wish to use this payment method, please be noted that it includes a 2.9% fee.
    This is because we use PayPal as the third party credit card processor to verify the validity of credit card information provided to us by the buyer(s).
    Your order will be delivered to the exact address stated in your bills.

    Wire transfer

    Simply press the wire transfer button and fill in your contact and delivery information. Afterwards you will receive our banking details. By issuing this payment you will have 2.5% discount off our sale price. The new price will be shown during the checkout process.

    This method mostly helps to the customers to save their time and money. It is also helpful if you don’t live in one of the countries listed above or don’t have credit/debit cards listed above.

    For many countries we can give shipping insurance. That excludes countries of the former USSR, some African countries, Mexico and many Southern American countries. If you are an inhabitant or citizen of those countries, please provide the delivery address in one of the countries we can issue insured delivery to.

    All international orders are considered “Special Order Items” and that means they are final and non-refundable. Please make your choice attentively before issuing an order from your local dealer or online. We will not take your order back, because it will involve re-entering the US and paying the US customs control taxes again.

    In the least likely to happen occasion the jewelry appear to be damaged or defective after receiving the package, we leave to ourselves the right to decide whether we will repair them, replace or refund your order.

    International Return Policy

    International orders Return Policy is almost the same as the Return Policy within USA. Please refer to our Return Policy

    International Shipping

    Nissoni Jewelry leaves the rights to choose any preferred delivery method. All packages are sent in a well-secured box. Every item is fully insured which covers any damage, loss or theft during transit.

    Shipping of large packages

    For some heavy and bulk shipment items, we may need special adjustment of the shipping prices. If this is needed further, you will be informed before charging your credit card or issuing a wire transfer. We will provide you with full delivery cost after we calculate all customs control fees, location delivery charges & all other expenses involved.

    Taxes, Duties and Charges for International Orders

    Our price does not include any taxes or fees. We charge you only for the item and delivery. You are supposed to pay all other charges when your order being processed by customs control of your country.


    All prices and charges quoted here are in USD. Use online currency converter to figure out your currency rates.